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Judge Alicia Franklin YorkJudge York appreciates the endorsements of citizens across Harris County as she works to protect our families and children!

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The Board of Directors of the Coalition of Police & Sheriffs, Local 911 (C.O.P.S.) of the International Union of Police Associations (I.U.P.A.) and AFL-CIO endorse the candidacy of Judge Alicia Franklin York for re-election as Judge for 311th District Court in Harris County, Texas.

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Harris County Courtroom Observers

The Harris County Courtroom Observers editorial board hereby endorses Judge Alicia Franklin York of the 311th Family District Court of Harris County, Texas. We offer the following opinion in support thereof: Judge Alicia Franklin York dedicates as much time as needed in every case before her court to make sure an extensive healthy and safe program is detailed for every child involved in every case. Also, the record is very clear that Judge Franklin York's challenger does not have the judicial experience and expertise when compared with the current judge; instead judge York's opponent appears to be relying in large part on political party politics to gain access to this family court and that is very concerning to this board. We ask all our readers to vote for current Judge Alicia Franklin York of the 311th family court in November 2018.

Houston Police Officer's Union


Harris County Deputies' Organization

Texas Right to Life


C Club



Conservative Coalition of Harris County

TARC_SymbolOnly_Transparent-120x90.pngTexas Asian Republican Club

Mexican-American Bar Association of Houston

Katy Christian MagazineKaty Christian Magazine


Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity

HCOGICPAC-logo.jpgHouston Area COGIC PAC


Bruce Baker, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 26

Earl Boykin, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 97

Marvin Clede, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 8, State Republican Executive Committee, SD 17

Peter Craney, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 768

Dana Feaster, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 689

Allen Fletcher, Former State Representative, District 130

Sarah Huynh, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 567

Landon Keating, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 656

Lee Krause, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 2

Adam Laurie, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 635

Seth Riley, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 903

Terry Lowry

Michael Sauerzopf, Republican Party Chair, Precinct 938


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